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TWIN-SHAFT CONCRETE MIXERS excel in large volume production

The Ocmix RG twin-shaft mixer produces high quality concrete at high speed with outstanding reliability;  it combines an extra-rigid frame with work proven power train and innovative shaft seals that can last for the life of the mixer.  Ocmix RG twin shaft mixer is ideal for large batches of SCC, wet precast and ready-mix concrete.

The objective of a concrete mixer is to make a batch of concrete quickly and completely. The dual horizontal shaft mixer's powerful compulsory spiral mixing action throws particles from each side of the mixer towards the center, where they combine; the water is forced through powerful jets into the mix, where it is absorbed completely, allowing the cement slurry to coat all the aggregate particles uniformly and form the strongest concrete.  In fact, this mixing action is so superior to the older drum and spiral blade mixers that it saves 10 to 20% on your cement costs, which can pay for the mixer in months, making it the Eco-Friendly choice while guaranteeing homogeneous product throughout every batch.

Because the mixing occurs in free space above the mixer floor, the wear on the liner plates is very low.  Ocmix's extra hard wearing liner and paddles, high-efficiency gears and reliable shaft seals give it the lowest running cost of any double-shaft mixer on the market. With its heavy-duty mixer feed system, it forms the no-risk heart of a hard working, reliable plant.

Ocmix mixers are made in Italy by Ocmer Grandi Impianti. 
Ocmer North America's policy is "PQRS" - Performance, Quality, Reliability and Service.

Ocmix RG is a top quality twin-shaft mixer at a reasonable price.  Together with Ocmer's policy of first-class service, we can offer a better experience.  Contact us for the latest information - see Quick Request above or Contact Us on main menu.