Ocmer North America

CONCRETE RECLAIM - vibratory system is effective and reliable

The vibratory reclaim system brings reliability to the concrete reclaim process.  The revolutionary vibratory screen acts as a screener and conveyor at the same time, allowing fines to sink through into the holding tank while the sand and aggregate feed out onto the reclaim pile.

The vibratory screen

Powerful gyrators shake the ultra-fine eurethane mesh screen in a way that conveys the sand and aggregates forward, letting the fines fall through.  Washing heads clean the remaining cement off the aggregate as it moves past, ensuring a contamination-free residue.

Compared with older screw type designs, the screener type gives more reliable and consistent separation of fines

Inlet hopper

The inlet hopper allows concrete to flow into the vibratory screener at a relatively controlled rate, reducing the need for tight control on truck discharge rate and eliminating the jams that often occur on other designs.

A water pump supplies a hose above the truck loading hopper, allowing wash water to be re-used to dilute the returned concrete as well as flushing all remaining material into the screener.

Holding tank

Tank can be constructed from concrete or supplied prefabricated in steel.  An impeller holds the fines in suspension, to be pumped back into fresh concrete with the wash water.  An optional second pump supplies wash water to the numerous wash jets directed onto the vibratory screen. The standard design uses fresh water for this task.