Ocmer North America


Power, ruggedness and reliability

The weak point in all twin shaft mixers is the shaft seal, which has to withstand a concrete level that rises above the shafts.  The XC's shaft seals and their lubrication are similar to the Ocmix RG twin shaft mixer.  They seal positively and are good for many years of operation with no maintenance.  Both seals and bearings are lubricated by a grease pump.  Bearings and seals have positive separation, to reduce contamination and wear of the bearing even if the seal should ever leak.  As in the larger twin shaft models, all mountings for gearboxes and bearings are machined after fabrication is complete, with the whole mixer on the machining center, to ensure true faces
and dimensional accuracy.

Thorough mixing action

The paddles in the XC mix the concrete while conveying it down the length of the mixer and eventually out of the discharge door at the far end.  Mixing is thorough and the resulting product is homogeneous.  Paddles and liner plates are of tough, wear resistant Hardox 400 steel and are replaceable.