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CONCRETE PLANTS - select the one that fits your needs

Ocmer's range of batch plants covers small "dry mix" plants up to supersize custom designed central-mix plants for special projects.  These plants offer many unique features such as Ocmer's patented dual vibrating aggregate clam gates, optional weighed admix dispensers for ultimate accuracy and the Ocmix range of planetary and twin-shaft mixers.  Construction uses heavy gauge steel, most of which is hot galvanized, with urethane linings in aggregate bins for long, reliable life.

Descriptions below are brief and cannot cover the possible variations, technical details or options available.  Contact us for more complete information.  Pricing and delivery for these high-quality plants is very competitive.

ThumbnailFully Mobile Plants

MobilMatic CV2007 - fully mobile and self-contained ready-mix plant, trailerable.  Erectable automatically by means of hydraulic cylinders.  Dry or premix (with mixer).   View video

Transportable "Dry Mix" plants

Mobil 3-4 is a 3 or 4 aggregate dry ready-mix batch plant with output of 50 to 65 yd/hour compacted concrete.  The whole plant, as seen at left, can be transported on one flat-bed truck.  It requires a separate cement silo and screw feeder. 


Transportable "Premix" plants

Speedymix 4 - Compact ready-mix plant that is easy to transport and erect.  It requires a cement silo and screw feeder.  The plant as shown breaks down into two truckable sections.  Mixer hinges down to be flush with operator cabin.  Can be erected without need for concrete footings.  With Ocmix planetary mixer, can produce 26 to 80 yd/hour, ideal for precast /block /paver or small jobsite plant.

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See LinkedIn discussion of dry vs. central mix and mobile mixing

Containerized plant

Exportmatic is a containerized central mix plant that breaks down into 5 containers for transport.  3 to 8 aggregate compartments are side-loaded from ramps.  Ocmix mixers from 0.65 to 4 yd output can produce from 26 to 156 yd/hour compacted concrete.

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Fixed Plants

Mixed 60-90

A premix/dry plant using the Ocmix RG Aggregate Bypass option to allow the mixer to be bypassed whenever desired, speeding-up operation by supplying 'dry mix'.  Output 80 to 117 yd/hour compacted ready-mix or precast concrete.

Express can also use the Aggregate Bypass option to allow premix or dry operation.  Output is up to 117 yd/hour compacted concrete.

Fully galvanized with urethane lined bins.

Dual aggregate scales and delivery belts speed up truck loading


Dual aggregate scales feed inclined belt at center of bins for speedy batching as well as ribbon feed of the two aggregate streams.  Supplied with or without mixer.  Output is 117 yd/hour compacted concrete.

View at left shows the two aggregate scale belts feeding onto the inclined belt.

Fully galvanized with urethane lined bins. 

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Express 2

Double truck loading, high capacity compact plants with a single set of aggregate bins and scales feeding separate loading positions from each end.  Output is 117 + 117 yd/hour compacted concrete.

Fully galvanized with urethane lined bins.

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For high capacity production of high quality mix in applications such as civil engineering projects, precast/prestressed and concrete products.  Central Mix with Ocmix CVplanetary or RG 3000 to 6000 twin-shaft mixer giving output of 80 to 160 yd/hour compacted concrete.

Fully galvanized with urethane lined bins.

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Continuous mixing, volumetric plant, for RCC (roller compacted concrete) and flowable fill, mine backfill etc.  Can also be used for cement blending.  Although this plant is classified as stationary, it can be fitted with wheels to make it mobile.  Output is 130 to 390 yd/hour uncompacted.